Our beliefs

VinaCapital strives to bring international best practice and expertise to Vietnam, a country rapidly developing by opening its markets and integrating into the global economy.

We are committed to following the highest global standards and have accordingly established a comprehensive framework for corporate governance including policies, procedures and guidelines for ethics, operations, financial control, reporting and risk management.

Managing listed funds
Managing listed funds with their own investment mandates requires well-defined controls and board oversight to ensure that fiduciary duties to shareholders and investors are conscientiously fulfilled. We have also established proactive policies and procedures to deal with potential conflicts of interest and other ethical issues in a fair and transparent manner. The Group follows the regulations of the stock exchanges and regulators in the United Kingdom among others, and employs professionals, advisers and board members with extensive industry knowledge and experience in international governance.

Managing risk
Managing risk is a critical element of the Group’s overall business strategy and has been a key contributor to its success. The Group has dedicated experts performing strategic economic and political analysis and forecasting, which forms the basis for investment and operating strategies across the Group. Risk is managed both at the investment, portfolio and group level through enterprise-wide risk management processes.

Establishing trust
We believe having effective corporate governance policies in place is vital to ensure client, stakeholder and market trust in the VinaCapital name, and we understand that this is a key requisite for our continued growth and success in the years ahead. While we believe we stand out as an example of corporate governance in Vietnam, we are continuously reviewing ways to improve and also to instil best practice in related entities and business partners.

 Anti-bribery policy

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